Sunday, June 24, 2012


Personal Learning Network

I am working on my PLN. I have watched all the videos and read the websites. I started a delicious page. I stated a symbaloo page, which I love. So that is what I am using. I am following many teachers on twitter. I am following the teacher that made the short helpful video. I am following the great teacher who her 9th grade students help her start her PLN. I have talked with both of them last night on twitter. It was very exciting. The PLN is to help me stay connected with teachers/educators. We are able to commiunciate on many topics. We are able to help one another. Isn't that why we are teachers? So we can help students. So many times I have helpded cloegge classmates and then when I need they turn up their nose. I think it's great that their are really people wanting to hep, instead of just getting help themselves.

Lori Wyatt symbaloo

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