Monday, June 25, 2012

Blog Post #8

Dr. Ricard E. Miller dicusses writing with Multimedia
Dr. Miller and how it has changed the way we write. It has changed the way we teach.

"The greatest change in human communication in human history" is now upon us. The internet has chnaged how we communiate. The internet has changed how we educate. The internet has changed how students learn. There has never been a more important moment than there is now.

He grew up reading, studying and learning from books. Just as I did. But now those days are gone. You can find any book online. You can go to and buy a book for $00.59. Books fade and go away. The internet and what is uploaded to the internet live on. Long gone are the days of going to the library to research a topic. Now you just need a computer and internet access.

The way of classrooms have changed too. The students no longer need books to work with. All they need is laptops and word processing. Students now can research a topic add images, voices, videos, and text. We all can collebrate with other poeple on projects from around the world. This is an incremental change not a fundamental change!

2. Ms. Carly Carly Pugh did a wonderful job on this blog post. She really made me think about what I could do to my list on Utube. She chagellenged me in thinking about what I would put on my page. I love history. I love litature too. So by using a simple ten vidoes I could show my students who I am and what imspires me. I believe that students would much rather watch a great vidoe on World War I than hear me talk about it. Why not talk and show at the same time?

3.EDM310 for Dummies EDM310 For Dummies was so funny. Yes, EDM310 has made me a little crazy. But I have learned so much. The lab is the best place to go in the world. I try to do stuff at home and it doen't work. I walk into the lab and everything comes together. People that don't use the lab are DUMMIES. If you don't learn about twitter or join delicious you are just crazy.

Chipper Chipper is a mess. She is so out of it. She doesn't want to do any of the work. She wants Dr. Strange to hand it to her. She goes through a lot. She learns that Dr. Strange is doing all of US a huge favor. He is teaching us how to teach ourselves. Which leads us to leading our students into learning how to use the tools of technology themselves. Which I will admit I was not into this at all. I didn't know what my role as a teacher was with guiding students into technology and self learning. Now I know! Thank you Dr. Strange!

My own video would be so fun. I would talk about how I didn't know where my role as a teacher fit into the classroom using so much technology. I thought that my role was not there. But it is. I am to guide my students. I am to show them how to use all these wonderful and cool tools out there. I thought that my role as a teacher was being pushed out the door. But it's not. It's changing. I am old and scared of change. But change is a good thing, just scary. I had taken a computer class ten years ago. USA accepted it and allowed me to go on with my Elementary Education degree. I went through student teaching this Spring of 2012. I can honestly say I was lost with what all the three teachers excepted me to know about technology. I think that no matter if you have had a computer class, USA needs to make you take this course. My student teaching experience would have been so much greater. So I am up for any video to help future EDM310 students understand how important it is to take this class. I have changed my way of thinking about teaching with technology. I am hard headed, old and set in my ways. This course has changed me!
Web 2.0 was a awlesome video. Web 2.0 Is an website that is interactive. When adminstration impliement this into the schools, it is going to inhance the capabilities of endless knowledge. There are seven main goals that Web 2.0 enchance with education. The websites are going to be a place where the information is interactive. The students are going to be able to acess live footage of hurricanes. They can go anywhere in the world. Our studnets will be able to play learning games. They can go anywhere and investigate anything! Web 2.0 is accessable as well! Anytime, anywhere, and wherever. One of the biggest help about Web 2.0 is it is collaborative. The students and teachers will be able to commiunate with many other students/teachers from around the world. I think it is always great to know that there are more people out there that is into your cause or content. Plus the parents are going to be able to use the sites and get involved. They will meet parents having the same difficulties or solutions. It is very positive. It uplifts students to know that there are students that are just like them. These kids will meet and make new friends. I think it's great that teachers have this tool to use too. Because it is always great to have people that are willing to help you. "Two heads are better than one", think about endless heads! Wow! The engagement is going to excite the students, parents and teachers. Who doesn't want to learn new and exciting things with someone one who lives in another part of the world or just down the street. Children will be engaged because every child I know wants to get on the computer. My 2 1/2 year old son wants to get on the computer so bad. During student teaching, I had to buy him is own "kiddie" computer. When I do computer work, he gets his computer and sits by me with his. I love it! My almost eight year old is begging for his own computer right now. I am a teacher and I think the differentiation of instruction is going to help the most. If students can work on their personal level, that's personalized education. Which no one teacher can do on their own with 25 students at a time. Critical thinking is going to have the students learning more. They will challenge themselves. We all know if you have good critical thinking skills, you can accomplish anything. New capabilties are just endless. An alternative learning enviorment is outstanding. A student who has problems whatever may be can laern in the comfort of their own home. Many students are not meant to be in the classroom. This is a way that they can still learn. You could have a child who is being bullyied or just doesn't fit in, well he/she can learn online. The Web 2.0 users will be able to extend learning. If a student wants to learn more about a concept, then they can. If a teacher wants to learn more, they can. This creates lifelong learning and is this not want we want? It's this want we all need to be lifelong learners.

This tool will make teachers, studnets, and parents be more connected. I am a parent and for sure I want to know more about what my son is learning. I want to know how he can extend his learning. I want to help with differentiation of his learning. Now, that's not to say that Web 2.0 is not confussing. Because it is. Here are somes tools that will make things easier. The tools include presentation, video, mobile, image editing, community and the best of the rest.
However with anything you have in life, it changes! Things/applications come and go. The good thing about applications leaving, is a new better one is taking it's place.

Scarenger Hunt
Web 2012 The fist item a found similiar to twitter is edmodo. It is desinged specially for educators.
Edmodo offers custom mini-communities for class clubs, and parents. Everyone can communitate and know what is going on in class.

Prezi is a great web site that allows you to work on presentations.
Prezi is very easy to use. I use this appilcation myself! You can make presentations. You can share presentations. You are able to work with others on making these presnetations. I really like this site.
A tool that can help you make you make your own poll of any information is
Make own pollof information. Would you purchase a Iphone for your child to use in class?


  1. " All they need is laptops and word processing. ..." are not is Why did you include word processing. It seems to me that a connection to the internet is what is needed.

    "I am old and scared of change....I am hard headed, old and set in my ways." Oh, come on. You are not old. I am 2.2 times your age and 10% of the EDM310 class this semester is older than you are. Hard headed? Maybe.

    I think your idea for a movie is a good one.

    Thorough. Very interesting. Maybe it appeals to old readers. :)

  2. I am with you on the "I am old and scared of change..." I would say, "I am young and scared of change!" lol I wish I didn't have to be a "dummy" and could come up to the lab more often but it is very difficult with a 6 month old and 3 year old. Not only are they illegal, they would have quite a time with all those wires! I do have a few suggestions to make your blog post even more awesome...
    1. check and see if your browser is recognizing "stutnets" as a correctly spelled word for students.
    2.Watch your use of incorrect grammar in the area of subject verb agreement. I always have to read my blog post twice before I get to post it. I hit preview. Then, I read over it and edit what I missed. Then I read it again and edit what I missed. Then I post it. So tedious!
    3. When you are subtitling, hit enter after you type what you are using as your subtitle. For example,

    Carly Pugh
    Carly blah blah blah...

    :) I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thanks for posting! Good luck with the rest of the semester.

  3. Lori, I was not originally assigned your blog for our C4C #8. This week, I had to choose my own and since you left such a sweet comment on my blog, I thought I'd visit yours.

    I agree 100% with you regarding Carly :) She's super talented, gives great ideas and comments.

    Do no let the last line of your paragraph #3 "I am hard headed, old and set in my ways. This course has changed me!" be an excuse or get you off track. I can relate to the hard headed part but, as luck would have it, I've fallen in love with the idea of technology in the classroom. I had to get over the hard headed part and embrace a medium between being an old fashioned teacher and a teacher in the 21st century. Lastly, I'll mimic Brittany's suggestions, watch your grammar usage and always use the "preview" button to scan over your posts. We all make mistakes so don't sweat it too bad :)
    I really enjoyed reading your post and will come back to visit soon!