Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blog Post #4

The Benefits of Podcasting in the classroom by Joe Dale
Podcasting Podcasting in the classroomis an effective tool of connecting with students outside the classroom. Children born after 1980 are called the Millenial generation and technology is an important part of their every day life. Podcasting leads to higher order questioning and higher on the Bloom's Taxonomy scale. It can enhance student learning a great deal. If a student is sick and can't come to school that day, they can watch the podcast. If a student doesn't understand the content, the student can watch the podcast at home for a deeper understanding. Students can connect with other students form around the world. Parents can watch and hear what goes on in their child's classroom. It is easy for teachers, students, and parents to keep up with what is going on in the classroom.

I have mixed feelings about podcasting. Yes I think it is great that if a student misses school, they can catch up on the assignments. I think it is GREAT if students need to review for content material. However, I have a privacy concern. I am a parent and I feel that there is too much information about my child available to people I don't know. I feel the same way about myself. That is why I don't use social networking. I don't want all my information to be goggled. I am not a fan.
Podcasting with first grade
Ms. Tolisano Podcasting with first grade helped a first grade class create a podcast. The book they read and asked questions was from the Magic Treehouse Volcano by Mary Pope Osborne. The students had thought of questions that they would like to ask Jack and Annie. The boys answered the questions for Jack. The girls answered the questions for Annie. The teacher said the class really enjoyed this activity. The first graders had been introduced to podcasting by watching a second grade class report on animals. The first graders loved having an audience. The students learned many skills: listening, speaking, presenting, comprehension, and oral fluency. Technology is the main skill that these students learned.

I would like to do this in my own classroom. However, I would use a story out of the reading program that my school was using. Time is too valuable for students. There are many skills that the students must learn. So yes I would try this in my own classroom but with a story that taught content skills. By using a story that the students might not be interested in, it might pique their interest. I think that having technology is wonderful, but standards still must be met. I wouldn't use a book without standard skills embedded in it.
The Practical Principals with Melinda Miller and Scott Elias
This podcastPractical Principles had every useful information, with countless websites to go to. They have several different podcast for you to view. The one I liked was the summer 2010. It gave the teachers things to look forward to. It gave the teachers sites to wellness (which we ALL need). It had a site about creating your own social network. The site provided updates to new content. It was very easy to find new content.

I liked this site. It gave lots of different kinds of information for different kinds of teachers. I will visit this site again and watch more podcast. I can see myself using this at home when I get my own classroom.


  1. Hey Lori,

    I am glad you brought up the concern for privacy. As you have already heard from Dr. Strange, your privacy is not protected well at all anymore. Did you know that even before this class, I could type your name in the google search box and find your address and phone number? So, you must be ready for this type of world because that is here and now. Your name now can be googled, and the first thing that will probably come up is your blog. This is why it is so important for you to do your best work, and that goes for not just you, but everyone in this class. This blog is a direct reflection of what kind of teacher you want to be.

    Let's talk about how you can make sure your students are still safe in an online learning community. Can you use fake names online for your students? I think this is a great way to keep your students safe, plus it gives the students a chance to have fun and create their "new name". In a podcast, you don't have to show the student's faces. Even though video podcasts are fun, you don't have to do that with your students. Speaking of video podcasts watch these kids: Lab Safety

    Great job with your links!

    Stephen Akins

  2. Lori, I agree with some of your concerns over the issue of privacy. I think that it is important to remember this when using social media or podcasts in assignments for students. However, it can also be seen as a refusal to use technology by completely ignoring social media. There are several ways to block your content from being seen by strangers and you can even set it up so that you must personally approve every single person that can have access to view your profile. I also agree with you on the usefulness of the Practical Principles Podcast website, they have a ton of great ideas!