Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bog Post #5

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Tran's Allen I school
The video Travis Allen I thinks this is wonderful concept that young Mr. Allen Travis video#2 has came up with. I like the fact that it would have the school districts money. I love the fact that students, teachers, and parents can communicate this easily. I really like the iHomewrok, as a mother and a child I know children lie about homework. This way the parents would always now exactly what is expected of the students. He says that our education system is broken. Yes the education system is broken. The districts give more money to the "big wigs" then the teachers.

Most students don't come to school with school supplies, so I think it would be very hard to get the parents to spend $150 for and iPhone. I do believe that technology belongs in the classroom. However I don't want my sons on the interent or youTube. I don't want my sons to be goggled. I believe Mr. Allen has great ideas but they are not realistic. Children are not responsible. They would loose the iPhone. A parent is not going to want to replace it. I still believe in reading real books. I do like the books on the iSchool, however I have spent at least $2,000 on my home library. My favorite three parts is the U.S. Presidents, the Star Walk, and Formulae Math problems.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir "Lux Aurumque"
The video Lux Aurumque was wonderful. It is hard to believe that none of the singers have never meet. All the singers were recorded on YouTube and Eric uploaded and put all of the together. I loved seeing all the different faces and how they made a big picture.

Kevin Robers Teaching in the 21st Century
Mr. Robers Teaching in the 21st Century says that we ae no longer teachers like we use to be. Students can get everything they need to know online. We are just a filter. We as teachers are to teacher our students how to look up what they want to know. We are to teach them online safety. We are only there to watch and make sure they are looking up the right things. I think this is crazy. I want to be a teacher not a filter.

A. Katie Gimbar Why I flipped my Classroom
Katie is a math teacher Why I flipped My Classroom who was wasting valuable instruction time. She was only teaching to the average students. She was leaving behind the low students. She wasn't challenging the higher students. So she tape her lessons and made a podcast. The students were able to watch the lesson the night before. If they had questions, they could post them. This made her instruction time go down to 10%. She was able to help the students that need extra instruction. She was able to challenge the higher students. I do like this idea. One draw back for me is that all the students wouldn't watch the podcast. If you are a struggling student the last thing you want to do when you get home is watch your teacher teach new concepts.

B. Dr. Lodge McCammon's Fizz
Dr. McCammon's Fizz is a new way for teachers to video the concepts and have the students watch before class. He claims that the Fizz is very efficient. He says you can focus on differentiated instruction. Yes, I think this is great. I would love to use this in my own classroom. But again the struggling students are not going to care about watching me teach. Most students have lives outside the classroom. They are in school 8 hours a day anyways. Great idea.. hOw do you make the students do it???

C. Ms. Munafo Flipping the Class-4th grade STEM
Again I don't think students unless they are the higher students are going to do this. 4th grade STEM I do agree with her idea to allow the students to watch the videos when they come to class the next morning. I would use this as my morning routine. I am a mother and I know how hard it is to get my son to do two pages of homework every night. There are so many outside activities that students have to do when school is over. I think the whole education system is forgetting that these are KIDS!!!!


  1. Lori,

    First of all I want to thank you for serving in Iraq for my freedom! You are a true hero!

    I have to say I only agree with a few items in your blog, but that is what makes us all different. When it comes to iSchool I believe it is a wonderful idea and I would love to see this idea come to life. I agree that most children could not afford the iSchool, but this is where the school steps in to help. If the schools are not buying paper, ink, books, etc. then the funds should be available for all students to have an iSchool. Yes, some students may not be responsible, but that is where the school can have it written in their policies for fines. Everyone would need to be held to a higher standard to take care of their iSchool. For example, if a student is not taking care of his or her iSchool then at the end of the year when the iSchool is turned in the fine would be the cost of however much it would take to fix the iSchool.

    I believe that Kevin Roberts is being truthful about teaching in the 21st century. As teachers, we must equip ourselves to be advanced to teach our technology based children. Think about it, the students we will be teaching has always had internet, cell phones, television, iPods, and so much more in their future. I believe Kevin Roberts was stressing the fact that we must use the technology out their to engage our students. There are so many tools and if we are constantly learning we can inspire our students to learn.

    I think the concept of "Flipping the Classroom" is a wonderful idea. This gives teachers more time to help the students with their struggles. If the student missed the video the night before we could give them time to watch the video that morning before class. The idea I love most about "Flipping the Classroom" is that all students are able to work on their own level. No one is held back or struggling to move on to a new lesson with the "Flipped Classroom". I know you mentioned "students have lives outside of school", but with podcast videos their homework would be much quicker. Katie Gimbar mentioned that all of her videos are around 20 minuets long.

    Also, be careful next time when writing your blog I saw a few misspelled words and grammar errors. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing you views on technology.

  2. Hey Lori,

    You said, "I believe Mr. Allen has great ideas but they are not realistic. Children are not responsible. They would loose the iPhone."

    Do you really think children are not responsible? I disagree. I believe that students would be so excited about using this technology in the classroom, and at home, that they would keep up with the device much better than many adults could.

    As Makenzie stated, I too think that Mr. Robert's way of thinking is logical in today's classroom. Why not use the tools of the internet in the classroom? Why not let students learn how they need to learn. Don't think of teachers as a filter, think of teachers as a guide to student learning.

    I see your point about time out side of class, but if students aren't challenged enough in school, then how can we say as teachers that we have done our job? This doesn't mean to give students tons of homework, it simply means that teachers should make sure their students are learning and wanting to learn more!

    Great job on your links and your picture.

    Stephen Akins