Sunday, June 24, 2012



I was assigned to Many Varieties teachernz. This post was about a 9 year old who planted a tree on Arbor Day. The teacher cried and was so uplifted by his students post. I just said that it was great for students to get that excited about what they are doing. It is great that students are learning so much about technology.

I chose to read a later blog post about teachers meeting. A group of likeminded educators met at the Epsom Girls Grammar School. He meet new faces, online friends and old familar faces. He said the day was great. It was to further their understanding of Third Millenium Pedagogy Professor Stephen Heppell dicusses how the "Old Factory Schools" capped students learning off. He said that those days are long gone. The Third Millenium is "technology in learning". He stated "WE AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET". I think his statement is so true. I loved the fact tht he ain't! I laughed at him. he stated that we needed clear values and a clear vision. Technology allows us to do what we want. Anywhere and anything is a mouse click away.

The teacher was excited about learning about new tools to engage students and promote effective learning. He said that Twitter is wonderful. We can talk to anyone about anything. We can have conversations with strangers that are just as passionate as we are about education. He liked hearing and sharing thoughts, successes, pitfalls, and reflections. We can connect and collaborate with people from around the world.

This teacher is diffferent. I have enjoyed his post. I am different so it has been nice to see a different point of view. I can honestly say I have changed my thoughts about technology. I have a better understanding of what my place is as a teacher in guiding students into and throughout technology.

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