Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog Post #2

Lori Wyatt

Did you Know?
The two videos Dr. Strange opened my eyes to the statics of the United States compared to India and China. Yes India has a greater population than the United Staes. However, I believe that the students in the U.S. are receiving a better education. India is a country that allows cows and monkeys to walk to streets and be free. China is massive. I believe China does a great job educating it's students. And yes the U.S. could learn from them.

The number of computers in the world is huge. How students find information now has change so much in the last ten years. And as an educator I must get my students ready for what is coming next, even though I do not know myself.
Mr. Winkle
After sleeping for 100 years Mr. WinkleMr.Winkle wakes up. He goes into a high rise office building. There were lots of people. There were lots of noise. There were these machines that freaked Mr. Winkle out. He saw computers and printers. He watched people talk to each other over the computer. All of this stressed Mr. Winkle out. He thought that he needed to go to the hospital. He went to the hospital and it was the same way. This did not make Mr. Winkle feel better. He felt worse. So he left.

He walked into a school. This made him feel better. The teacher was standing in front of the room talking to the students. The students were taking notes about what the teacher was saying. This made Mr. Winkle feel better. In the 100 years schools had not change. He was not stressed out. He noticed the machine that he had seen in the office building and the hospital. This time the machine was dusty and no one used it. He liked school and would be back. This just goes to show that education needs to change. We must get with the times. We must follow what the rest of the world is doing. We must have technology in the classroom. Technology is a huge part in the rest of the world, so we must teach our students about it. And we must teach our students how to use it.
The Importance of Creativity
Everyone has an interest in education.Importance of Creativity No one has a glue what the world will look like in five years. Schools kill creativity. When they should celebrate creativity. We are to be educated. All kids have talents and we get rid of their talents. Creativity is important! We need to tap into children's creativity. We must rethink how we are educating our students. We grow out of creativity. If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.

Education came about to meet the needs of industrialism. Now education must come about to meet the needs of whats happening now. Schools are also based on how well you preform on math and reading test. The things that some students are great at, have no value in our education systems. No room for creativity. We are setting ourselves up for failure.
Classroom Disruption
The video Classroom Disruption showed two classrooms with two totally different ways of teaching. The first classroom was interactive. The class had computers. They used twitter, face book, and blogs to stay in touch with their teacher. This was a hands on way of teaching. Everyone in the class loved it.
The second class had books and chart paper. The students were asked to read the chapter and look in the index for terms. The teacher stood up and talked the whole time. The teacher did not help the students with their questions.

I prefer the first class. This class was interactive and exciting. The second class is most representative of the classes I have taken all my life. The first class objectives were to learn though interaction. If you needed help the teacher was there to help. Many different learning styles were met. The second classes objectives were to learn what the teacher was telling you to learn. And don't ask questions. I want to teach like the first class. I want my students to be happy and feel like they are learning. I want my classroom to be interactive. I will need to educate myself on the latest technology. I will need to take classes myself to stay on top of what is going on right now.


  1. I too believe that children often lose their creativity for many reasons. I have had teachers who limit their students, making them think that there is only one way of doing something and that doesn't really tell us about that person, just what the teachers wants.

  2. Hey Lori,

    Your post is good, but next time try to make your writing more readable, such as using compound sentences and using more adjectives.

    Also, you need to have clickable links to each part of your blog post. You also need to have a picture for every post that you write.

    Stephen Akins