Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blog Post #7

The Network Student by Wendy Drexter Network teacher

The Network Student>Wendy Drexter This video was very informative. I learned a lot about how teachers are to teach connectivism.

We as teachers are to teach our students how to reseach on the web. We are to guide them through their searches. We are to teach our students how to use the network of information.

The students are to make connections with others to learn more about the subject they are studying. They are to set up a personal learning network. The students are to take control of their own learning. Which is so radical to me. I was taught what I needed to know by my teachers. During student teaching Spring of 2012, the teachers taught the students what they needed to know. They are so wrapped up in teaching to the test it was sick. What did these students learn on their own? Did they learn how to use the internet as a tool for learning? No. If you went to that school and asked if they used technology, they would say "Oh yes we use videos and smart board for reading street, math, and social studies." But it was the teachers using it, not the students. What have I learn on my own? Nothing until Dr. Strange's class. I believe I will be a better teacher now. I will show my students how to learn by themselves. I will teach them the tools that they will need. I will teach them how to use the tools.

The students are to set up networks and connections about their subject. They are to blog, but blogs are more about opitions than facts. So they are to use google scholar and iTunesU. They are to use virtual textbooks and wiki.

Welcome to My PLN

7th grader PLN this student was very impressive. The student was learning how to find information online. The student used symbaloo. The top role across the top was personal favorites, not school related. The bottom role is school related. The student checks their PLN everyday. The student explains about finding websites and conducting research. The student uses the blog for reflections, not just research. The student uses a special note taking application. Which I would love to find and use! The student uses bloggster for images. The student uses Skype to ask questions and talk with professionals. The student said using technology gives them more freedom. The students claims that more freedom leads to responsibility. I do not believe that. Freedom leads to responsibility? I really don't like the students skyping older adults. I think there should be rules or standards for the uses of technology through school. There are nasty freaks out there, that can pose as anyone on the internet. I am a parent! I have much concern about my child having freedom to go on the internet and do whatever he wishes. The student doesn't use a pencil? Really? What about handwriting skills? I believe that all tools should be used during education. Pencils, internet, dry erase markers, and the list goes on...

The teacher, she/he is the one who teaches how to use the network. She/he is to be the synthesizer. She/he helps organize and maintain information. She/he is the connecting learning incubator. She/he is the change agent. She /he teaches learning arachitect. Wow! I learned a lot by watching this short video. I had no clue how I was to still be a teacher in this technology driven world. Now I know! It is my favorite, except for Randy Paucsh.


  1. Hey Lori,

    I agree that as educators we should teach our students more than what is on the test. We should show them how to use the internet and how to conduct research on it. I agree that Dr.Strange's class has helped me to learn on my own. It's great that you found this video so helpful! Good Luck!


  2. Hi Lori, your blog was well written and informative. You did a good job summarizing what the video was about and the personal experience you shared was a plus as well. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts about using technology in the education system.

  3. "...But it was the teachers using it, not the students. " I agree that we must put the tools in the hands of the learners!

    You are missing two parts: the 8th grader's PLE and the Special Assignment about Thomas Suarez.