Sunday, June 10, 2012


"Memorial Day (and technology integration)tokenism."
Scott McLeod blogged about Memorial Day and how certain people use tokenism. Tokenism means using a cause that is not your own to gain votes or favor with a certain group of people. He stated that we should be more worried about what we are doing for our troops and their families instead of buying a yellow ribbion to stick on our car. And how politicians use "Memorial Day" speeches to gain something for themselves. I totally agree. I believe we should teach our children how important it is to serve our country. And respect the men and women that do. As a mom, that is what I am teaching my sons.
He spoke about schools and how they say that they are technology integrated when they are not. He called this "technology integration tokenism. And he is right. I have visited several schools and they do claim to be technology integrated, but the only people using the technology is the teachers not the students. This University is no different. I have only been in this class for four days and I have learned so much that I didn't know before. I am glad that I signed up to take this course.
Lessons come from doing...
If Ted Ed asked the learn to watch a video, take a multiple-choice qyiz,a nd write a brief constructed response most educators wuld say that it is traditional assessment. He says that it is fine to teach this way, but don't let it be your entire lesson. He stated that lessons come from doing.
Well I think learning comes from doing not just the lesson. I believe that students learn best by hands on activities. There are many different components that make up explicit instruction. It takes a combination approach to learning. Don't just show your students how to do something or use an app., let them learn through doing.

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  1. This should have the title C4T#1. There are two parts to each C4T assignment. The title makes it appear that you have completed two assignments when, in fact, you have completed only 1. Please change your title to C4T#1. Thanks.

    "...means using a cause to gain in your own cause." Very awkward. This should be rewritten. What do you mean? I would say, after reading Dr. McLeod's post, that he uses the word tokenism to identify an action that is insincere, incomplete, or thoughtless in the sense that it is automatic and not meaningful. I don't know what you meant to say.
    Also Identify Yourself! (See the recent post by that title on the Class Blog.) You did not do so in the comments you left for Dr. McLeod.

    Your comment about your experiences at South in this post differ somewhat from the comment you left for Dr. McLeod. Do you see the difference?