Social Studies

My Philosophy of teaching social studies is that it is fun, hands-on, and conductive to learning. I love social studies. All students learn in different ways, and I will meet these needs through a variety of methods to include hands-on, manipulatives and technology. I have so much to teach the students about social studies.

Social Studies Lesson Plan Eastern Woodland Peoples
The lesson above is about the Eastern Woodland Peoples, the students learned about the Eastern Woodland Peoples. The students learned about the Eastern Woodlands life, culture and first form of government in the Untied States. The students constructed a longhouse, which the Eastern Woodland Peoples lived.

Social Studies Lesson Plan Explores
In this lesson above the students learned more about explores and they constructed a timeline.

Social Studies Lesson Plan Jamestown and Roanoke
The Roanoke and Jamestown lesson gave the students a chance to predict what might have happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke. The students also learned the struggles all the settlers faced when coming to this new land. The students wrote an ad in a newspaper asking new settlers to come to their new city.