Monday, July 16, 2012

C4T #4 Final

Langwitches Blog

I believe this blog teacher is the best blog site I have been to. Langwitches Blog

IPads in Art is fantastic. I love Art. I can't stand the way schools are pushing Art out of schools. The Art teacher is incorporating the use of iPads into Art class. I love this use of a technology tool. I will use this in my classroom for sure. This will be the technology tool of my choice. Just wonderful!!! This is my second blog comment.

Quad Bolog

This blog was about a teacher whom Langwitches paired up with to introduce students to blogging. It took great time and effort. The students enjoyed learning how to blog so much. The students were able to keep up with blogging. They even became better writers. They were more excited about writing, now that they could "write" with technology. One of the main points that teachers use about technology is where will these kids writing skills go..Well it has been proven that the students DO BECOME BETTER WRITERS!! What kid wants to write a paper or an narrative writing on paper with a pencil. During student teaching my Language Arts teacher made her students write the old way. The students hated it! But if she would have allowed them to write on the computer and make a blog for them, they would have loved it. The teacher learned tons about technology and how to blog herself. The teacher said that during testing it was extremely hard to blog as much as they had been for the last three weeks. Langwitches learned that you must pick a teacher that is willing to work hard and learn new things. We must educate ourselves on new technology. It piques the students interest. And isn't that what we want as teachers. We are to never stop learning. They team discovered that we all must educate ourselves about technology. This was my first blog comment.

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