Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blo Post #11


Little Kids.....Big Potential

Little Kids..Big Potential was a very inspiring video. I was impressed of what these little first graders could do on the computer. They ALL said that they had became better writers, spellers, and readers because of technology. I didn't understand nor realize how much kids can learn and enjoy learning through technology.

The kids really enjoyed writing on their blogs. They loved to get comments from relatives or people they didn't know. The kids liked showing off their work. The students said that they had became better writers because of their blogs. Which is grab. Because a big arugement about using so much technology is that students will not be able to write. But these kids are stating that they are "better writers" because of their blogs. That was a great statement for me to hear. The kids were excited that they had an online portfolio of their work.

Web page
The kids used we pages to learn information about subjects they were studying. The class made the web page/computer a center. The kids said that it helped them learn about many different things. The students could go home and get on the web page and see what other students from around the world were doing. The kids enjoyed being able to connect to other students. I think this was a great center idea.


The students were able to use Wiki to learn about traditions. They had people write to them and post their traditions. The students learned about rituals. People posted their different rituals for the kids to read. The kids made an Alphabet. Students from Alabama made an Alphabet, too. The kids from Canada were able to connect with a class from Alabama.


The students watched videos to learn about content. The kids made videos about counting on. The kids really enjoyed making the videos. They thought that it was great that they could make a video to help teach other children about something.


The kids enjoyed using Skype. They loved being able to talk to the class in Alabama. They talked to experts in the field of geology. I think this was a great way for kids to talk to experts. We as teachers just need to make sure that the kids are talking to people that they need to be talking to. I use Skype all the time to talk to my husband who works offshore. It is a wonderful tool. Because he can see Christopher (our two year old son) and me. Christopher loves to see his self more on the little window than his daddy! Two years old are so much about themselves.

Nintendo DS

WOW! I had no idea that my child could take his DS to school and use it as a learning tool. How cool is that? He would love to be able to do that. The kids had nintendo dogs that they were taking care of. The kids learned how to share. Which is HUGE! Kids have such a hard time sharing. I can be honest and say that adults have a hard time sharing! I think that having a Nintendo DS center in my classroom would rock. It would give the kids who didn't have a DS a chance to play with one.

Kathy Cassidy

Kathy Cassidy is a teacher in Canada. She is a great teacher, whom implements the use of technology into her class room. She was given five computers over ten years ago. She made a center out of the computers. She had to make web pages for her class. She said she invested a lot of time in the computers. She wrote grants to her federal government to receive funds. She went to workshops to learn more. She said that it takes a few months to get the kids use to using so much technology. She said by the end of the year, the students were pros. Some of her students come in and have never used technology. While others come in knowing how to use the tools of technology.
Skype Video I have used Skype many times. I have used Skype for over two years. I talk to my husband who works offshore. He is in Mexico working right now. But we can talk and see each other everyday. He has his own phone number that I can call. If I call and he isn't there, when he gets back to his computer he can see that I have called. My own children love it. They like to see him. They love to see themselves on the small window. Their eyes are usually pointed down looking at themselves. I will use Skype in my classroom. We can contact experts about what we are studying.


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  1. Lori I enjoyed reading this blog post. I feel the same way about Kathy Cassidy. I could not agree more on what you said about her being a great teacher. I think a lot of teachers need to adopt her passion for technology and willingness to share their knowledge with others. Whether it is with other students, teachers, or around the world!