Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blog Post #12

Create Your Own Assignment

I am an elementary education major. I walked in May, and receive my degree in August. I student taught in fifth grade.

Blog Post #1 assignment

1. You will get into groups of four.

2.You will be given an organ system to learn more information about.

3. You will use the internet (google safe search for kids) Safe Search for Kids gather information about your organ.

4. You will make a presentation in google docs. Each of you will make your own slide. So that means five slides for each group.

5. Each group will present their presentation in front of the class. Presentation


  1. Hey Lori,

    You did a good job making up an assignment, but you didn't actually do the assignment. Look back a the instruction manual, and you will see it says to actually do your own assignment.


    Stephen Akins

  2. Did u say get into groups of 4, everyone creates their own slide, then they will have a total of 5 slides per group? I didn't understand that part!

    Otherwise, I loved the idea of a non formal way to learn about organs! Good job!