Sunday, July 1, 2012


I was assigned Will Richardson. #1 blog post WillRichardson Wow! HE had a great blog post about how the colleges and K-12 schools are changing. I couldn't have picked a better blog teacher post to read myself. I am very considered and have many questions about what is happening to the schools. Yes, I think the change is for the best. I didn't think so at first. I was unsure what my role as an educator would be. I now know I am to be the guide as well the teacher of technology.

Wrong Direction

Will Richardson read a article by Knewton. The article stated that we are to make a precise recommendation on what a student should work on. We are to make a recommendation on the best format. If we do this students will consume technology most effectively. Really? Isn't that what we are trying to get away from? Mr. Richardson questioned it as well. If we as educators did that, then there would be no change in the way we educate our students from the past. Please! I stated that I was hard headed, but I clearly see how I have to use technology as a tool. I am going to be a fool with no job if I don't. But Dr. Strange has taught me to guide not show them how to do their work.

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  1. Part 1: You provide no information about colleges and K-12 schools are changing. Nor do you provide any information about your response to the se changes other than you have questions. This is a good example of what i call a "portable paragraph". It says practically nothing.

    Part 2: Did you read the blog post that Richardson refers to? I think Richardson has selected a sentence from that post to attack - correctly so, in my opinion. But he misses some other key parts of the post with which I agree heartily: the importance of individualized instruction as much as possible, the use of technology to help create those individualized learning environments, the necessity to engage in project based - active learning rather that merely counting seat time ( a problem in colleges more than K-12 I think). You miss, I think, the complexity of the many facets of this debate.

    In the comment that you left you should leave out the "Hey,". Just start with My name is...

    You also write in your comment: "During my student teaching, the teachers knew how to use the technology, but the students didn't." What technologies are you referring to? I find in most cases that the students are much more adept at using technologies than their teachers. In addition, they certainly learn more rapidly.