Mathematics Philosophy
 My philosophy of teaching mathematics is that it must be fun, hands-on and conductive to learning. Students are all different and learn different ways, as a math teacher I have to ensure that all the students are learning and understanding math. I will meet their needs through hands-on, technology, and manipulatives. Every student can do math it is just having the right teacher to show them a way maybe they haven't thought of.

Working with Struggling Mathematicians
I think it is of great importance to work with students who struggle. As a teacher I will make it a top priority to identify these students and provide them with instruction that will help them overcome their difficulties in math.

Math Intervention

Teaching with Manipulatives
I believe that working with manipulatives is a key way to teach math skills. Having hands -on experience of manipulatives helps the students to see how the math operations they are trying to perform work. I have used the fraction strips, flexible ruler, fraction tracks and other manipulatives.

Teaching with children's literature is a great way to introduce and reinforce math concepts. And it is a different way the students can learn.

Math lesson Plan