Science Philosophy
I love Science. The hands-on experience learning is out of this world. My classroom will be conducive to learning science in varied ways so that I meet the needs of all my students. I plan to incorporate science experiments in all unit lessons. Science is found all through our world, classroom, and backyards.

Science Autobiography

Experiments are critical to teaching, learning, and loving science. An experiment facilitates the Scientific Method. Experiments are fun, hands-on, and educational.

The digestive system is the most magnificent system of our body. The students were engaged in the learning of the system. It is amazing how this one system does so much.
Science Lesson Plan Digestive System

The way AMSTI incorporates science and math is unbelievable. The worlds of science and math are integrated. In order to conduct science you have to use math skills. AMSTI does a fantastic job at emerging the two subjects.
AMSTI reflection

Acids and bases are found naturally in our world and unnaturally. Acid is found in our stomach and sodas we drink. Bases are in toothpaste and soap. This lesson is a great way to get the students to predict.
Science Lesson Plan Acid and Bases