Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Project #13

Project #13

Google Docs is the best way to do your assignments for class. You can start on the assignment at school and finish it at home. I use google docs a lot.

I think it is a great tool of technology.

Wiki Hangout

This site helps you design your own hang out. You can talk to a circle of friends. You may talk face to face with your friends over the internet.


I have used Skype many of times. You can talk and see someone from around the world. This is how my current husband and I communicate when he is working offshore half way around the world. My son gets to see and talk to his dad. It helps a lot. I think that it is great to see someone who is that important to your family.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Final thoughts on PLN


I loved my PLN. I have used it so much. My son Justice loves my PLN. He can go to it on our home computer. He gets on MTV to watch Teen Wolf. I believe that the PLN is the best tool of technology. The reason I say this is because there are several tools tied into one. You can go to your blog for my PLN. You can go to any website that you love. You can go to youtube. The PLNs are endless. I use my PLN and I am going to continue using it. Thank you so much for having the class make one. I will be a guide in helping my students construct their PLN. This is one thing I plan on using!

C4T #4 Final

Langwitches Blog

I believe this blog teacher is the best blog site I have been to. Langwitches Blog

IPads in Art is fantastic. I love Art. I can't stand the way schools are pushing Art out of schools. The Art teacher is incorporating the use of iPads into Art class. I love this use of a technology tool. I will use this in my classroom for sure. This will be the technology tool of my choice. Just wonderful!!! This is my second blog comment.

Quad Bolog

This blog was about a teacher whom Langwitches paired up with to introduce students to blogging. It took great time and effort. The students enjoyed learning how to blog so much. The students were able to keep up with blogging. They even became better writers. They were more excited about writing, now that they could "write" with technology. One of the main points that teachers use about technology is where will these kids writing skills go..Well it has been proven that the students DO BECOME BETTER WRITERS!! What kid wants to write a paper or an narrative writing on paper with a pencil. During student teaching my Language Arts teacher made her students write the old way. The students hated it! But if she would have allowed them to write on the computer and make a blog for them, they would have loved it. The teacher learned tons about technology and how to blog herself. The teacher said that during testing it was extremely hard to blog as much as they had been for the last three weeks. Langwitches learned that you must pick a teacher that is willing to work hard and learn new things. We must educate ourselves on new technology. It piques the students interest. And isn't that what we want as teachers. We are to never stop learning. They team discovered that we all must educate ourselves about technology. This was my first blog comment.

Progress of Final Project

Progress of Final Project

Our final project is coming along great. We are finished. Keilan and I finished our part Saturday. It was fun learning how to construct an iBook. I think this is a great technology tool to have my students use. The iBook was very easy to use.

Blog Post 13

Brian Crosby
Back to the Future

WOW! The best video I have watched in EDM310 by far! Mr. Crosby is a great teacher. I wish he could be my teacher. His love for learning and showing kids how to learn is unbelievable. He uses hands on science experiments. He teaches his students to use blogging to enrich learning in his class. They have wiki places. He gets to role with his students for three years. My favorite is when he said "They get to shine". Is this not want we want kids to do? Shine!! I loved it.

How Will you Teach me in the 21st Century

I liked this video. Sure great point..What am I waiting on?? I want to be a guide in leading my students into technology. But I want to lead them in multiple ways with many different tools. I just don't want to use technology alone. I want to be a well rounded teacher. I feel like if I focus o technology all the time...where are my teaching skills that I learned in college going? If they are not useful anymore, then why didn't I learn how to teach differently?

What I want my students

1.I want my students to know how to use the technology tools for learning...Not just enjoyment.

2. I want my students to be able to do a Personal Learning Network. The key word for me is learning.

3. I want my students to have experienced...HISTORY. I think History is being pulled out of school. I believe History is a very important subject. Have you ever heard of history repeating it's self???

4. I want my students to collaborate with other students. However, I will give specific guidelines of who does what. I have not had a good experience with collaboration this summer. So, I am going to make sure that with my own students I can teach them guidelines and help when they hit bumps in the road.

Melinda Kraft

Melinda Kraft has a great way of showing ho to do assignments on the compter. She gives excellant details on how to make videos. Her videos are short and to the point. Which I like.

I would create short, but very informative videos for my students. I want to go step by step on how to do the assignment that I am asking them to do. I want to actually do the assignment that I am asking of my students. What student wants to do something for you, that you haven't even done yourself. I believe teaching is going to be a lot harder than I thought. The hardest thing is going to be keeping up with technology and how rapidly it changes.

A Vision of Students Today

A Vision of Students Today is showing us as teachers what we need to focused on. We don't need to make our students buy textbooks that they hate reading. We need to use all the tools of technology. Because that is what our students are using. It will make our classes so much more valuable to our students. These students are bored and don't come to class. When they do come to class they are not paying attention.

The Basic Technology Tool Kit of a Teacher

Tool Kit was a great site. It helped ease my nerves about the tools I need to know. She said that as a teacher we need to know how to use the tools of technology. We need to check our emails daily. We need to know how to use a laptop, store/retrieve data, and manage photos. The most important one was to be a part of an online environment. We need to blog and teach our students to blog. This site was very helpful. I will revisit this site, when I feel overwhelmed.

Exemplar of Students Work with Video
Allowing ANY student to help is a great video. It touched my heart. Carlton was amazing. He was so great to watch. If he would haven't been in the video, it wouldn't have been worth watching. This lets me know to have every student no matter how that student is to be involved in things we do in class. I think this goes for students that are labeled "bad" too. When I student taught I buddy up with the so called "bad" student. When my last day came, he said " How aam I going to make it here without you?" I told him well remember what I have said and just try to behave. All that student needed was someone not to tell him how "bad" he was. He needed someone not to get on to him all the time. And not send him to the office everyday. I wonder about how is going to do in middle school. I believe teachers get caught up in only letting the straight A, sweet kind students to do cool stuff. When the students that are a little more difficult are the ones that need the extra attention and things to do to make them feel like they are somebody. I hope and pray that I do not change that about myself once I get my own classroom.

Little Voices

Using iPads at School is a wonderful idea. The ideas that you as a teacher can come up with and allow your students to use are endless. I would love to work at a school that allows my students to use iPads for learning. I would love for my two sons to go to a school that allows their students to be taught content area through the use of iPads.

I think that it is great what this teacher is allowing their students to do with these iPads. They can research content area, blog, watch videos, and have PLN's on the iPads. I want to be in thsi class. I want my sons in this class.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blog Post #12

Create Your Own Assignment

I am an elementary education major. I walked in May, and receive my degree in August. I student taught in fifth grade.

Blog Post #1 assignment

1. You will get into groups of four.

2.You will be given an organ system to learn more information about.

3. You will use the internet (google safe search for kids) Safe Search for Kids gather information about your organ.

4. You will make a presentation in google docs. Each of you will make your own slide. So that means five slides for each group.

5. Each group will present their presentation in front of the class. Presentation

Blo Post #11


Little Kids.....Big Potential

Little Kids..Big Potential was a very inspiring video. I was impressed of what these little first graders could do on the computer. They ALL said that they had became better writers, spellers, and readers because of technology. I didn't understand nor realize how much kids can learn and enjoy learning through technology.

The kids really enjoyed writing on their blogs. They loved to get comments from relatives or people they didn't know. The kids liked showing off their work. The students said that they had became better writers because of their blogs. Which is grab. Because a big arugement about using so much technology is that students will not be able to write. But these kids are stating that they are "better writers" because of their blogs. That was a great statement for me to hear. The kids were excited that they had an online portfolio of their work.

Web page
The kids used we pages to learn information about subjects they were studying. The class made the web page/computer a center. The kids said that it helped them learn about many different things. The students could go home and get on the web page and see what other students from around the world were doing. The kids enjoyed being able to connect to other students. I think this was a great center idea.


The students were able to use Wiki to learn about traditions. They had people write to them and post their traditions. The students learned about rituals. People posted their different rituals for the kids to read. The kids made an Alphabet. Students from Alabama made an Alphabet, too. The kids from Canada were able to connect with a class from Alabama.


The students watched videos to learn about content. The kids made videos about counting on. The kids really enjoyed making the videos. They thought that it was great that they could make a video to help teach other children about something.


The kids enjoyed using Skype. They loved being able to talk to the class in Alabama. They talked to experts in the field of geology. I think this was a great way for kids to talk to experts. We as teachers just need to make sure that the kids are talking to people that they need to be talking to. I use Skype all the time to talk to my husband who works offshore. It is a wonderful tool. Because he can see Christopher (our two year old son) and me. Christopher loves to see his self more on the little window than his daddy! Two years old are so much about themselves.

Nintendo DS

WOW! I had no idea that my child could take his DS to school and use it as a learning tool. How cool is that? He would love to be able to do that. The kids had nintendo dogs that they were taking care of. The kids learned how to share. Which is HUGE! Kids have such a hard time sharing. I can be honest and say that adults have a hard time sharing! I think that having a Nintendo DS center in my classroom would rock. It would give the kids who didn't have a DS a chance to play with one.

Kathy Cassidy

Kathy Cassidy is a teacher in Canada. She is a great teacher, whom implements the use of technology into her class room. She was given five computers over ten years ago. She made a center out of the computers. She had to make web pages for her class. She said she invested a lot of time in the computers. She wrote grants to her federal government to receive funds. She went to workshops to learn more. She said that it takes a few months to get the kids use to using so much technology. She said by the end of the year, the students were pros. Some of her students come in and have never used technology. While others come in knowing how to use the tools of technology.
Skype Video I have used Skype many times. I have used Skype for over two years. I talk to my husband who works offshore. He is in Mexico working right now. But we can talk and see each other everyday. He has his own phone number that I can call. If I call and he isn't there, when he gets back to his computer he can see that I have called. My own children love it. They like to see him. They love to see themselves on the small window. Their eyes are usually pointed down looking at themselves. I will use Skype in my classroom. We can contact experts about what we are studying.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blog Post #10

Adventures in Pencil Integration

Adventures in Pencil Intergration has a post with the drawing above posted. Well I did a little research on paper mate and ticonderoga. I read about the ticonderoga and how it has the yellow and green strips. I remeber the pencil from school. I checked out a teacher's blog Blog about Best Pencils and the teacher said paper mate is better for your money.

However, I believe John T. Spencer is talking about technology. Technology now days is better and more expensive than regular school supplies. He is saying that technology will not be used by every educator. They will say it is too expensive.

Why Were Your Kids Playing Games?

John T. Spencer has a meeting with his principal. The principal is asking him why were his students playing games instead of having class. What the principal and many others don't understand is that students learn through games. Much of their content standards can be taught through games. I was AMSTI certified in May. AMSTI (Alabama Math and Science Technology Instinctive) teaches teachers how to teach math concepts through games. It was so much fun. I know I would rather learn math through games. I am sure that a child would too!

The Con Academy John T. Spencer school is visit by Khan Academy man. The principal ask Mr. Spencer to come talk to the salesman. Mr. Spencer is not impressed with this differentiated instruction, pick your worksheets, and change your role as teacher man. However, the principal is. I believe we should combined all the "new and old" stuff in education. We just can't throw out the window what has worked for centuries. But we can't ignore what is happening in the future. Wow! I have tons of work ahead of me.

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff, Please?

Scott McLeod is stating that we all need to get on board with technology, even if someone is telling you not to. Because they are doing it. Dr. McLeod has created the only academy dedicated to the technology needs of school administrators. Which is wonderful. The sad thing is that he is the only person who has a academy for administrators. He is an author. He is in the fore front of technology and using technology in schools.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I was assigned Will Richardson. #1 blog post WillRichardson Wow! HE had a great blog post about how the colleges and K-12 schools are changing. I couldn't have picked a better blog teacher post to read myself. I am very considered and have many questions about what is happening to the schools. Yes, I think the change is for the best. I didn't think so at first. I was unsure what my role as an educator would be. I now know I am to be the guide as well the teacher of technology.

Wrong Direction

Will Richardson read a article by Knewton. The article stated that we are to make a precise recommendation on what a student should work on. We are to make a recommendation on the best format. If we do this students will consume technology most effectively. Really? Isn't that what we are trying to get away from? Mr. Richardson questioned it as well. If we as educators did that, then there would be no change in the way we educate our students from the past. Please! I stated that I was hard headed, but I clearly see how I have to use technology as a tool. I am going to be a fool with no job if I don't. But Dr. Strange has taught me to guide not show them how to do their work.

Blog Post #9

What I've Learned This Year..

Joe McClung At A Teacher's Desk First year teacher Mr. Joe McClung went to the internet to post a reflection. The reflection was great. He gives us several tips. His blog was elected for a teacher blog. Which I thought was killer, since he was a first year teacher!

Mr. McClung said the most important thing was to stay positive. He learned a TON. I hope to keep this in mind. I might need to post this in my classroom. "Stay Positive!"

How to Read the Crowd

He said that he had been watched by so many teachers in college grading him that he had forgotten about the most important people..the KIDS! The students and how they are comprehending your lesson are the most important crowd. I totally agree. I went through student teaching this Spring and I thought about my grade more than the students. In college, you are taught to worry about everyone watching you and your grades. The kids don't matter in college. But in the real world they are the only people that should matter.

Be Flexible

I loved this part. No lesson goes as planned. You have got to be quick on your feet. You can't always stick to your plans. He says that the lessons you teach are never the one you planned. I am so totally down with this. I am not one to stick to something. I think quick on my feet and don't like having to stick by some "plan". Now, I understand that there are few people like me. More people who have to stick to their "plan". I wish I could give them some stress relief, because they are going to need it.


Mr. McClung said to communicate with the people you work with. I am a talker. I am a very friendly and outgoing person. I have run accross many who aren't. Many will ask you for your help or plans, but will not help you in return. But if I don't help someone I find myself feeling guilty. We all must learn better communication skills. It is the pathway to building relationships with other teachers.

Be Reasonable

Okay, this was right on. Most of the time we set our expectations too high. These are KIDS! He said that he forgot that. He said that many forget that. I know this is true. I am not saying that kids can't reach great or high expectations. I know they can. But I know they are kids too! I have a kid in the school system. I think once you have your own child in the system, your view changes. Yes, my child is highly intellegent. However, do I think he is pushed too hard sometimes? Yes, I do. I think the schools need to give kids "free time". If it is only one hour on the last Friday of every month. Kids need to be kids. How about no recess in Alabama? Are you serious? Did these "law makers" not have recess themseleves? Where they not once a kid too?

Don't Be Afraid of Technology

Technology is our friend. He said jump in the water feels fine. I was scared of technology. Now I am not. No, I don't know everything. Do I know more than I did? Yes, I do!

Listen to Your Students

I believe this is the most important piece of information that I have read all summer long. He said listen to your students. You must get to know your students. This is my passion. I talk to my students. I take time with them. It only takes a minute. That's all these kids want is a minute. Come on! You have no idea how many classrooms I have been in and the teacher is too busy worrying about facebook or their own children to listen to their students. We may be the only one listening. I knew more about all my students than any teacher I worked under. I sat by them at lunch. I talked to them during class. You have time. I want my own son's teacher to talk to him. How can you be with these kids for 9 months and not know if they have a brother or sister?

Lastly.. Never Stop Learning

It is never too late to change your way of thinking. We work in a learning enviornment. So why would we not want to learn? You must be a life longer learner.
New Teacher

Mr. McClung 3rd Year

Mr. McClung made it to his third year teaching. This was the first time he had stayed at a school for a second year. He was now a head coach, which was new to him. It was his first experience as a computer application teacher. he had new and exciting things going on. He was at the same school, but things were very different from the last year.

Know Who Your Boss Is

We are here for the kids! I thought this was so great to hear someone say. I don't believe many think this way. I think many need to start.

Don't Expect Others to be as Excited About Change as You Are

This is an understatement. He says that not every teacher wants to learn something new. I can say yes I have been guilty of this. I think we all have. I like going to learn new things. I think it is fun. I thought was a great statement Optimism can create barriers in the teaching profession. Because you will teach with teachers who are not wanting to learn or change a thing.

Don't be Afraid to be an Outsider

He said don't be afraid to be you. Stand up for what kind of teacher YOU are going to be. Don't follow the crowd. I think outsiders are great. I was called "the rebel" by Mrs. Amy Dees. I am not afraid to speak my mind. I don't care if I am an outsider. It fits me well.

Don't touch The Keyboard

Mr. McClung said that a fellow teacher, whom he had an outstanding relationship with told him this: Don't touch the keyboard! He means let the students do it for themselves. Don't take over the task..allow the students to take over. I believe in some cases this is going to be tough, but do it. We are to stand back. We are to allow the students to learn.

Don't Get Comfortable

We are to never get comfortable. When you get comfortable, you get lazy. We can't afford to get lazy. I enjoyed reading his blog. I thought he had very good points. I believe it was very helpful.